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Reverse Engineering



LTI uses the latest in 3D laser scanning software to obtain data that can then be converted into a 3D CAD file. This technique is used when a one of a kind product exists and 3D CAD data needs to be created. Traditional reverse engineering techniques using coordinate measuring machines are also used to create a data base.

Small Arms Design



Leading Technologies Inc. specializes in the design, prototype, and production manufacturing of products related to the firearms industry. 


1. Product design in 3D cad.

2. Design for manufacture.

Military Trainers


The Stinger Troop Proficiency Trainer (STPT) is a computer-based device that generates digitized targets and background onto the weapon system's optics. The STPT is used for realistic training of both active and reserve component Stinger gunners in a simulated wartime environment. It eliminates the need for live aircraft, aerial targets, firing ranges, and missile expenditures. The STPT is used for training entry-level personnel as well as advanced gunnery, sustaining training of engagement skills at the unit.
Leading Technologies Inc. provides a complete turnkey solution, and it also provides spare parts and retrofit capabilities.

Spare parts provider.

Refurbishing of current units.

Retrofitting to wireless system.

Rapid Prototyping


FDM is a rapid prototyping technology where a plastic filament is unwound from a coil and supplies material to an extrusion nozzle. The nozzle moves on an x and y table. The nozzle is heated to melt the plastic and which then get deposited on a foam table one layer at a time. The plastic hardens immediately after being squirted from the nozzle and bonds to the layer below. 

Several materials are available for the process including ABS and investment casting wax. ABS offers good strength. Polycarbonate materials have been introduced which extend the capabilities of the method further in terms of strength and temperature range.

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