Rapid Prototyping

RP technologies allows LTI to produce accurate prototypes from the design data created. Very often, these prototypes are made out of plastic and can be use for proof of concept and well as functional testing. The most commonly used technologies are:

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

  • Proof of design
  • Robust, Functional, Snap Fits
  • ABS and PC Materials
  • Machinable
SLA (Stereolithography) Urethane Casting
  • Fine Details
  • Casting Patterns (Quick Cost)
  • Production-like Polymer Material Properties
  • RTV Silicone Tooling Required
SLS (Selective ALaser Sintering) Investment Casting
  • Rubber-like Flexible Materials
  • Process-specific Materials
  • Materials: Steel and Aluminum
  • No Tooling Required
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