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The Stinger Troop Proficiency Trainer (STPT) is a computer-based device that generates digitized targets and background onto the weapon system's optics. The STPT is used for realistic training of both active and reserve component Stinger gunners in a simulated wartime environment. It eliminates the need for live aircraft, aerial targets, firing ranges, and missile expenditures. The STPT is used for training entry-level personnel as well as advanced gunnery, sustaining training of engagement skills at the unit.
Leading Technologies Inc. provides a complete turnkey solution, and it also provides spare parts and retrofit capabilities.

Spare parts provider.

Refurbishing of current units.

Retrofitting to wireless system.

stinger missile launcher


avenger trainer

The Avenger Table-Top Trainer (TTT) is a deployable gunnery trainer that can be used for initial and sustainment gunnery training. It simulates firing the Avenger Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and the Bradley 25mm cannon. The Avenger TTT has been used in theater for the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).




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